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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my family member pay for the services at Open Arms Retirement Center?

Open Arms accepts residents who pay privately as well as residents who are recipients of assistance from the Department of Social Services.  The State of North Carolina provides a program that could possibly help with the cost of care at Open Arms. To learn more click here...


What are the visiting hours?

Open Arms wants to make your visiting as convenient as possible. We do ask that the length of visits be kept reasonable and between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM. If for some reason you visit the facility after 10:00 PM you will need to call to notify the staff that you will need assistance with the front entrance door.

Do you have a beauty shop at the facility?

Yes. We do have a beauty shop. The current beautician comes each Wednesday to offer services to the residents. The charges for the beautician's services are added to the monthly statement for the resident.

Do you launder the resident's clothes?

Yes. We have commercial laundry services at the facility. If you choose to use this service, all the resident's clothes need to have their name permanently attached to the clothing. There is also a home style washer and dryer located in the central hall for the residents to use if they choose to launder their own clothes on a first come first service basis.

Can I have a phone in my room?

Yes. You can have a telephone in your room like at home. You would be billed by the local provider for the phone service.

Can family and visitors eat with our residents in the dining room?

Yes. Anyone can purchase a meal ticket from the Business Office for any meal served at the facility.

Can a resident leave the facility in order to go shopping, to church, to eat out, to go on vacation, etc.?

Yes. All the resident has to do is sign out at the South Hall Nursing Desk. If the visit is going to be of a long length, please contact the nursing department to prepare any medications the resident will need while away from the facility.

Can any resident participate in the activities at the facility?

Yes, if it is a function sponsored by the facility. Please remember families can hold private functions at the facility also.

Can we have a private party for our loved one?

Yes. We can make arrangements for the family and friends of a resident to have a private party at the facility.

Can I have the resident's mail and newspaper sent to the facility?
Yes. The address is 612 Health Drive, Raeford, NC 28376.

Is cablevision available in the rooms?
Yes. There is a small fee for basic cablevision.

Is transportation provided to doctor appointments?

Yes. Transportation provided to local area doctor's appointments.

Can we use our own furniture?

Yes. If your furniture is safe you may use it in your room. You can also decorate your room with pictures and other personal items. Mattresses will have to be new if personal furniture is used.

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